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Slideshare Movie for digital literacy

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Electronic Arts: Artist Number One "Corby and Baily"

In studying and looking over these artist's works, I found the "gameboy_ultraF_uk" to be very awesome, I liked how over time the work lost quality and became distorted. Really took the face value off the work, and became more technical.

I/P Copyright issues

Case Study 1: "George Harrison and The Chiffons"

In the case of George Harrison's track, I feel that these two songs "He's so fine" and "My Sweet Lord" do have some similarities in composition, tone and chordal structure..But the repetition of the Chiffons has not been reflected George Harrisons song at all, their song is an upbeat pop jivin track, whilst Harrison's has a slow romantic feel. Dealing with this subject for me brought up the question "Is anything original?" these days?

Case Study 2: "12 Monkeys - Universal Studios and Lebbeus Woods"

To me the chair
used in this movie scene is INDENTICAL to the one in the drawing. It even has the mood in the scene exactly how the drawing feels.

Case Study 3: "Oh So Criminal"

I think that Smith's work has a good point, but at the end of the day it is indeed copyright infringment. It was cool the context it was used in, but I feel that he is fighting a losing battle because logos and copyright are important to a firm, as they are globally recognised.


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